Starfix - purebred Arabian mare of SAX Morabs in Kentucky

Our stallion SAX Gold Dust was bred by our beautiful mare Starfix, with lines to the champion stallion *Serafix.


MEMC Tequila Cuervo


MEMC Morgans was founded as an opportunity to showcase and promote our existing and future quality Morgan horses. Several EXOTIC and unique Morgans do make up our modest, yet prepotent, Morgan breeding program. Our foundation stallion, the incredible "old world type" cremello sabino Morgan stallion, MEMC Tequila Cuervo, maintains the front-line of our breeding program and is 100% foundation Morgan breeding. Now breeding and making a statement in the colorful Morgan world is our other adult stallion, MEMC Crown Royal, a very glamorous refined buckskin who is also sabino and a proven splash white Pinto. Our two junior stallions are sons of MEMC Tequila Cuervo and Crown Royal. MEMC On Target is an extremely rare *homozygous* splash sabino buckskin Pinto, and MEMC Magnifico, a full foundation bred young horse who is the only double cream dilute son of my foundation sire, Tequila, and by the dream mare, Kee Lady Aphrodite. It is hoped that their future produce will define and validate the next decade of our colorful Morgan breeding program.

Other stallions that we have previously owned, such as the high white sabino pinto, High White Revolution, the lovely cremello trick stallion, Nashboro Sir Galahad, and "My Hollywood Horse," the palomino sabino, Indigo Go Gold, have all been a part of our colorful breeding program in some way. The home-raised cremello stallion, MEMC Grandeur, an exceptionally talented and extravagant moving baroque type cremello sold to Belgium in 2008 and is a son of Nashboro Sir Galahad as well as a grandson of MEMC Tequila Cuervo and my foundation mare SFG Passion Flower (now residing in Germany as a child's horse) . Grandeur's fun personality and fairy tale *white horse* beauty is greatly missed but his legacy will live on here in the US with his three 2009 MEMC foals. Favorite photos of these formerly owned Morgan stallions can be seen on the Reference Stallions page.

Our stallions are followed by the necessary support of our selectively chosen quality Morgan brood mares to produce our small but distinctive annual foal crop. Please visit out Mare page to see our beautiful girls who have given us so many fine Morgans, as well as our up and coming younger fillies. We believe in Mare Power here and I'd rather have a few select special girls than a field full of average ones. I spend a great deal of time deciding on possible breedings for our mares and it is the mares who are the ones that bring home the glory every Spring with their new babies.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our web site. Many of my closest friends have come from sharing the love of the Morgan horse and my very best friends are also the horses themselves. Please check back with us from time to time for updates and new items of interest. Best wishes to all of you in your Morgan pursuits.


The Stallions

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