Morab Horses of SAX Morabs in Kentucky

We breed purebred Morab horses for showing and pleasure riding, with horses available for sale and stallions at stud including SAX Gold Dust.


The Horses of SAX Morabs

El Serniga

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El Serniga at 5 and 15 years
Photo credits: Works of M'art (left) and Julie Siegel (right)

SAX Morabs has its heart in a Morab gelding named El Serniga.  Foaled in 1984, El Serniga has taught its owners what the Morab breed is all about.  Started as a child’s horse in 4-H, to just being a fun reliable horse for kids. Serniga was the “all around” type of horse. When Serniga was 3 years old, a 5 year old party guest rode him alone bare back with a hackamore in our back yard. He had been heavily shown in Wisconsin in Morab classes and on the class A Arabian/Half-Arabian circuit. When he was 3 years old he took first over the then leading Morab Stallion in Wisconsin under a Arabian judge and a Morgan judge and took the 3 year old Morab Futurity. He continued his class A show career in Kentucky and surrounding states in western and huntseat until the late 1990’s. He is retired from Class A and generally shows at the PMHA Morab Nationals held at the Kentucky Horse Park every October. Serniga has been the mount for the next generation of children and for house quests as far away as Japan. Currently, El Serniga has turned into a chocolate brown and is utilized on the trail. He is re-learning a ‘hidden’ gift, the smooth riding ‘single foot’ inherited from his Morgan bloodlines. Serniga is my version of the Rocky Mountain Walking Horse.

After 20 years of showing, Serniga  was retired to trail rides. At the age of 24, he suffered a lower right leg (canon bone) injury that crushed his tendons.  Though this made his stride a bit shorter, with ‘high’ heeled shoes, he enjoyed single footing on trail rides for a couple more years.

During the winter of 2011, he broke through and fell on ice and broke a bone in his left front knee and wrenched his pastern.  The bone healed, much to the surprise of the vet, but the pastern bones were fusing and becoming arthritic.  This last injury left him permanently lame.  At the ripe age of 28,

El Serniga moved to Stamping Ground the fall of 2012 and did well through the winter. Unfortunately, at the ripe age of 29 his heart gave out and passed away on April 28, 2013 just months before his 30th birthday. He is buried in the shade of a grove of trees in his pasture.

photo photo
photo photo
Two growing boys learning together through the 4-H program.
Photo credit: Pam O'Connell

SAX Gold Dust

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Photo credit: Susan McAdoo

SAX Gold Dust is the foundation stallion of SAX Morabs. He is no accident. His being was carefully planned through his dam, a double *Serafix mare, and an athletic, typey Morgan. Evaluation of the Arabian and Morgan conformation was to complement these two breeds for a balanced Morab. Each parent gave the conformational attributes designed in the ‘plan’.

Gold Dust has been shown as a Half-Arabian Sport Horse and at the PMHA Morab Nationals held at the Kentucky Horse Park every October.

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SX Starfix

photo photo
photo photo
“Star”—a double *Serafix mare and dam of SAX Gold Dust.
Photo credit: Julie Siegel

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