SAX Gold Dust + - Morab stallion of SAX Morabs in Kentucky

Our stallion SAX Gold Dust + is by MEMC Tequila Cuervo and out of SX Starfix, with lines to *Serafix and working Western champions.

Arabian Region 13 &Region 14

SAX Summer Seranade

SAX Summer Seranade arrived June 21, 2018, the first day of summer. It was daylight, and it was her big blaze that stood out as she laid in the deep grass next to her dam. On closer inspection, it was obvious she was going to be a palomino. She sprung up to stand tall next to her dam and there were two matching rear stockings. Oh, what a sight! The filly was a perfect little angle in the early morning dawn.

The neighbors gave me the name ‘summer’ and I wanted to give recognition to my sister in law’s former crabbet Arabian mare ‘Sera’ (the dam of my first Morab, El Serniga) thus the Seranade.

The mare, Wisdom and Grace HH, was extremely protective. I did not have a halter on her and she does not like to be caught. She was extremely protective of the baby and it took a week to get the pair ‘corralled’ to be haltered and brought into the barn. Fortunately the weather was great during this time and mother and foal did not need shelter. They ‘hung out’ under the only pine tree in the pasture and I hauled grain and water out to Gracie. ‘Summer’ was an outgoing and athletic filly from the start. She took full advantage of her large pasture to run around, trip, fall, tumble, get up and go on. Once she was haltered, handling started early as she was going to be shown in the fall of 2018.

SAX Summer Seranade is an Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes filly. Her sire, SAX Gold Dust (Morab/Half-Arabian), is a nominated Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes stallion and the mare was nominated in foal. The plan for this filly is to be shown in Region 14 and make her way to the US National Arabian Sport Horse Championships September 2019.

This filly is destined to be a sport horse. She is athletic, all heart and courageous. Judges comments are so far, ‘light on her feet’, ‘great topline’, ‘long legs’, ‘tracks up well’ and ‘long pasterns’.

Her 2019 training and showing will be over September 2019 and back home at the SAX Morabs Farm. SAX Summer Seranade is FOR SALE to a show home and preferably as a sport horse. For any questions, please email or phone 270-735-5331

Be sure to view Summer's baby pictures on
SAX Gold Dust's page

SAX Summer Seranade
Show Record


PMHA Fall Harvest Horse Show
October 2018
Age 4 months
KAHABA Production Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Mares 3 years and under
First (2)
Morab at Halter all sexes/ages
First (2)


San N Tone Horse Show
March 2019
Age 9 months
Arab/Half Arab Halter
4th (8)
BAHA Open Horse Show
April 2019
Arabian Rated Show

Arabian Region 13 &Region 14

HA/AA Sport Horse in Hand Open Yearlings
First (1)
HA/AA Region 14 2 & Under Fillies Halter Open
First (1)
HA/AA Region 14 Fillies/Mares Championship
Champion (3)
HA/AA Region 13 2 & Under Fillies Halter Open
First (1)
HA/AA Region 13 Fillies/Mares Championship Reserve
Champion (3)
HA/AA KAHABA Production Half-Arab/Anglo Arab Mares 3 and under
First (3)
May 2019
Arabian Rated Show
HA/AA Sport Horse in Hand Dressage
Second (4)
HA/AA Sport Horse Mares in Hand ATH
Second (4)
HA/AA Mares Halter Open
Second (2)
HA/AA Mares Halter Mares ATH
Second (4)
HA/AA Mares Championship Reserve
Champion (4)
Woodford County Horse Show
May 2019
Arabian HA/AA Halter
First (6)
Oldham County Saddle Club Horse Show
June 2019
Arab/HA/AA Halter
third (4)
Silverama Horse Show
June 2019
Arabian Rated Show
HA/AA Mares Halter
First (1)
Regiona14 Arabian Championship Horse Show
June 2019
Age 1 year
Region 14 Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes HA/AA Yearling Fillies
First (1)
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