Purebred Morab Horses

About SAX Morabs

SAX Morabs is a small sport horse show/breeding operation located in central Kentucky. It is located in what is called the “Heartland” of Kentucky, 50 miles south of Louisville, 90 miles west of Lexington and 50 miles north of Bowling Green. The Morab sport horse breeding program revolves around the Arabian bloodlines of *Serafix. It is the goal of SAX Morabs to preserve the legend of *Serafix in the breeding of Morabs.

My interest in Morabs all began in Wisconsin when my sister-in-law, Sue, bred her beautiful Crabbet-bred Arabian mare to two different Morgans in the early 1980’s.

I had always wanted a horse, knew nothing about them and was determined to learn all that I could. I purchased the 4 month old Morab colt from Sue, whom I named El Serniga, in the fall of 1984. El Serniga and I were to commence on a long venture of horse ownership and fun. Read about our early beginnings together in “Labor of Love”.

My in-laws had moved to Kentucky in 1970, so it was only natural that we would gradually ‘gravitate’ to horse country. Sue moved in the mid 1980’s and my husband and I moved in 1990 leaving our nest of grown children in Wisconsin. Once in Kentucky, I leased Sue’s Crabbet mare and foaled two more Morab colts, full brothers, in the early 1990’s. One of colts, Star Fire, was a blood bay, 14.1 H and due to his short stature I gelded him. Star Fire was successfully shown huntseat in the Class A circuit as a Half-Arabian and won many first places. He later was sold and has become a mount for handicapped children. The other full brother, Star King (photo), was a tall, handsome, chestnut flaxen stallion and at age 4 was lost to a tragedy Christmas of 1998. This ended the era of Morab offspring out of Sue’s Crabbet mare.

SAX Morabs had not really become an entity until the year 2000. The 1990’s were solidifying as to what direction I wanted to take in the breeding of Morabs. Whether it was fascinating or intriguing to me, the history of *Serafix as a leading breeding sire, of his time, was something I had wanted to pursue ever since I owned El Serniga. I read about John Rogers and his search, purchase and importation of *Serafix. I have a high degree of respect for John Rogers breeding program. He studied Arabians, he quickly found which Arabian mare bloodlines nick with *Serafix. He felt conformation and performance was more important than the dish of the face. He was very successful. I had decided to capture *Serafix bloodlines for my Morab breeding program.

My goal was to acquire an Arabian mare with considerable *Serafix blood. Fate favored me and I got a lead on SX Starfix, a bay mare foaled June 1994, who was a double *Serafix granddaughter! (SX Staley’s Gemini x SX La Quinta) Along with this purchase, I got her half sister (whom I later sold), Quintessential (Promotion x La Quinta), a bay mare foaled July 1988. SX Starfix and Quintessential came to Sonora, KY fall of 1998.

SAX Morabs was to become a reality and was born May 2000. Time moves on and with that SAX Morabs relocated to Stamping Ground, KY fall 2012.

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